Festival of Lumnea 05/03/2020 11:42 AM CDT
The Festival of Lumnea will take place June 5 - 7!

I am working on some events and wanted to reach out and see if any pure elves have a passion for some form of elven life and would want to run an event.

It could be anything elven related ex: a dance to teach everyone, an art discussion,a historical figure discussion, foods/cooking event, a wandering artist to do portraits, something about your elf's personal history, a personal performance...

I know the handmaidens have an event they are planning, but I would welcome any elf to run with an idea!

Let me know by sending a note to my play.net and we can discuss it!

The deadline for this is May 18 so we can talk, review, and get it scheduled!

~ Valyrka ~
Dark Elves

Avawren ~ I have Survival and a knife. I can work it out.
Re: Festival of Lumnea 05/05/2020 03:17 PM CDT
I'm quite excited for the return of this festival, and any festival since I've returned from distant lands. A guilty pleasure is collecting different perfumes and the selection I found from the 5118 at Poiret & Company look incredible.

Hoping they all make a return!
Re: Festival of Lumnea 06/03/2020 11:08 AM CDT
Any sort of teaser/schedule planning to be released considering this is two days away? Thanks.