[Prime] Beers (and WPS) at the Bluerock
Simutronics General Events -- All are invited!
Time: Around 9:00pm EST
Location: Zul Logoth - Bluerock Brewery, Tap Room
General Info: <span><span><span><span>Populento will be offering WPS for up to 25 Zul Logoth citizens to choose up to 10 services on a single item. </span><span><br></span><br><span>You must have the item on you at the time of the choosing. Passing items between characters and locker runs will not be permitted, so bring extra items just in case. <br></span><br><span>If you have previously received Citizens-Only WPS work since 07/30/2020, you will not be eligible to receive this work.</span></span></span></span>